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Hiking in the snowy Ciucaș Mountains

Winter is my favourite season 🙂 And hiking in the mountains is one of my favourite activities! So a combination of these two is pretty close to perfection. In order to reach perfection, the weather has to be good and favor the best views! And that’s exactly how it was last weekend when I went on a trip to the Ciucaș mountains. Last time I was there, about a year ago, there was very little snow, unusually little for that time of year and the weather was foggy, so I barely saw anything around me for the best part of the hike.

This year on the other hand, everything was perfect! 😀

The trees on the first part of the hike were perfect …

winter hike in the Ciucas mountains

The wind that was blowing when we got out of the forest and into the plateau was just the right intensity so it would blow the snow around us a bit, but not too much so as to inconvenience our ascent …

winter hike in the Ciucas mountains

The wind even made some astonishing patterns in the snow!

winter hike in the Ciucas mountains

We could see everywhere around us from up there, since the weather was almost perfectly clear!

winter hike in the Ciucas mountains

There were a bit of clouds and fog though, but just the right amount for pretty photos 😛

winter hike in the Ciucas mountains

So we got to reach the peak and admire the view …

the Ciucas peak - 1954m

before the fog gathered and surrounded us 😐

the fog was lifting

So we started our descent through the thick fog …

lost in the fog

But it cleared as we got close to the chalet so we could admire the amazing sunset!

winter sunset

The moon also greeted us right at the end of our hike 😀

winter sunset

And that’s about what a perfect day looks like for me! 😀

How does a perfect travel day look like for you?

trip date: January 2015


  1. Mona · February 6, 2015 Reply

    Very nice pictures, I really miss hiking!

  2. Eryn MacGillivray · April 9, 2017 Reply

    I love hiking so much! I do a lot of it up where I live as well and winter hiking is honestly so much fun! Looks like a really nice time and I love your photos 🙂

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