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The fortified church from Prejmer

I finally managed to finish and post my first travel story on maptia. The story is about the Prejmer fortified church, one of the many such churches build in Transylvania after the Ottomans started invading the lands.

The Saxon villages of Transylvania appeared in the twelfth century when the Kings of Hungary settled German colonists in the area. They had a special status among nations in the province and their civilisation managed to survive and thrive, forming a very strong community of farmers, artisans and merchants. Being situated in a region constantly under the threat of the Ottoman and Tatar invasions, they built fortifications of different sizes. The most important towns were fully fortified, and the smaller communities created fortifications centered on the church, where they added defensive towers and storehouses to keep their most valuable goods and to help them withstand long sieges.

From the ones I’ve seen so far, Prejmer is my favourite!

Prejmer fortified church

 Useful info

  • entrance fee 8 lei (about 2 euros)
  • we stayed at Pension Oficial Prejmer – I highly recommend it, it had neat spacious rooms, friendly staff and good food

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info source: wikipedia

trip date: May 2013

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