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Cool untranslatable foreign words

hygge – weirdly pronounced Danish word that seems to mean cosiness and can be applied to almost anything apparently. There’s a pretty good explanation on visitdenmark.com and I’ve also found a list of 9 ways to get more hygge 🙂

ikigai – a Japanese word that means a reason for being. In order to find the meaning of live, it appears we should all be searching for our ikigai 🙂

eudaimonia – is a Greek word meaning a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

friluftsliv – a concept shared by Norway and Sweden which literally translates to ‘free air life’. It’s about enjoying and immersing oneself in nature 🙂 Here‘s an article on why we should all practice friluftsliv.

new words will be added as soon as I stumble upon them 😀


ikigai wikipedia

eudaimonia dictionary.com

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